Monitoring for High-Risk Offenders

Offering the best device (ReliAlert) in the industry for high-risk offenders

Monitoring for high-risk offenders

More technology than any other device 



 Combines cellular and global positioning system (GPS) technologies into a (3.5" X 4" X 1.25"), patented device that straps to an offender’s ankle. Integrates a physical tracking device with a sophisticated GPS software system and a Monitoring Center to provide real-time location tracking 24/7. Multiple Inclusion and Exclusion Zones per Offender, with Automatic Buffer Zones used. 



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ReliAlert  for High-Risk Offenders

  • Single-unit device for added simplicity
  • No land-line required
  • No external power required
  • Easy set-up
  • Tamper resistant
  • Motion detection
  • Multiple beacons per offender (home, work, etc.)
  • Multiple offenders per beacon
  • Five-minute tracking/reporting increases to one-minute tracking/reporting for 10 minutes after zone violation
  • Active GPS tracking
  • Two- and three-way voice technology offers instant communication with offenders and officers to enable active violation intervention
  • 48+ hour battery life
  • Waterproof up to 15ft
  • Stores data when temporarily out of range- then automatically forwards information when back in range
  • Tamper-resistant with tamper sensors - improved fiber optics
  • Set exclusion/inclusion boundaries
  • 95-decibel siren


  • Hardened, Stainless Steel Bands to minimize tampering
  • Embedded Fiber Optics for alarm notifications if tampering occurs
  • Hardened, tool security screws for installation
  • Encased, Hardened Steel Bands: each hardened steel band is 1/2" wide and 1/16" thick
  • Anti-Tamper Features: extreme cut-resistant, dual steel bands; embedded fiber optics; security screws for installation/removal
  • Sizing: measurement tool provided; multiple, pre-cut sizes available
  • GPS Device: utilized with ReliAlert™

TrackGroup's patent pending SecureCuff™ is the only security cuff in the industry specifically made for high risk offenders. It has encased, hardened steel bands designed to be highly cut resistant and provide officers an additional 10-15 minutes to be on-site before an offender can abscond. The SecureCuff™ includes a fiber-optic technology strap for tampering notification and specialized security screws to secure the strap to the device. The SecureCuff™ solution helps address the critical "strap cut" issue so prevalent in juveniles and high-risk adult offenders. It serves to significantly reduce the number of officer response hours attempting to locate offenders who have absconded and is not offered by any other offender monitoring company.

A judge attempted to breach the SecureCuff, while installed on an ankle, with 4-ft.bolt cutters… and was unsuccessful