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Have you considered using a GPS device as a condition of bond release?

Key features


  • Added Security for your bond
  • A great tool for bail reduction
  • Sleep better at night knowing where your bond is
  • Monitoring especially high bonds
  • Get notified of any and all violations
  • Have historical data in the event of loss

Your Surety Company may require an ankle monitor..


 Many surety companies now request the added security of a gps monitoring device before approving large bail amounts. On some bonds, your surety company may deny a bond, unless they have the added security that your clients will show up for all their scheduled court dates and not abscond. 

3 Worries of Bail


Using an gps monitoring during bail bonds release is a big pitch to indemnitors. Equity in real estate is no longer a safe bet and there is no end in sight. Protection On Those Big Bonds is paramount. Add another layer of assurance using our One-of-kind Device with the SecureCuff.


 Your greatest nightmare is when a defendant absconds! We are watching your investment 24/7. Using a minimum of 8 GPS satellites, we know where your client is within 8 feet at all times. Every five or less minutes we “ping” your client’s location. We even keep them away from airports! Using an ankle monitor also minimizes the constant need for recovery agents as we keep eyes on your clients. 


 Generally the defendant and or indem pay for the monitoring as a condition of their bond release. Bail Reduction – in many cases, at bail reduction proceedings, the courts will accept a lower bond given the assurances that the defendant is secured with a state-of-the-art monitoring and highest security device. After all, a bond reduction is better than no bond. This places you at a strategic advantage over your competitors. 

How it Works


We have staff ready to install an ankle monitor for your bond in California and Arizona. Bail bond release made easier when using a gps device as a condition of bond release.

When you are working on a bond that you are considering using an ankle monitor for, give us a call and let us know. This way we will have a staff member on standby for you.

Once you post the bond, also give us a heads up as the clock starts ticking. Let us know which of your agents is waiting for release and we will coordinate with him/her.

We can install at the jail, your office, or even at the court. Make sure you have the restrictions ready for us to implement.

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What some of our Bail Clients say about us


GPS Monitoring Inc and Petra have been a valuable resource for our Bail Agency. Providing us the ability to monitor our defendant locations while on bond, thus helping protecting our interests. Petra's team have consistently been with us at all hours at jails for device installations, right when defendants are released.

 The restrictions has helped us ensure high risk individuals movements and travels are within the pre-specified area.

 Many thanks to Petra and GPS Monitoring Inc.
 Stephan Miller, ACME Bail Bonds 

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This is an amazing company, the principles are very hard-working 24 hours a day, excellent customer service, and out-of-the-box thinking. I highly recommend them if you need their services.

Zeke Unger,Owner, Little Zeke's Bail Bonds 


 We at ABBA Bail Bonds have found GPS Monitoring Solutions to be a very reliable and valuable service which has aided us in executing and securing large bail bonds.

 They have always provided a live person available for assistance 24-hour service 7 days a week, and they have truly been a powerful tool in the execution of successful bail reduction motions.

 In addition to providing proactive resources for proper underwriting and approval of large bonds, GPS Monitoring Solutions has also saved us thousands of dollars in documenting defendant’s whereabouts.

Jane Un, CEO, ABBA Bail Bonds 


Petra Fuhriman from GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc is the best in the business. She always answers the call when I've needed her service in the past. I've used her service in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco. She has a nationwide reach, so I know I can count on her locally or out of State. She is always ready to meet my client at any location I've needed in the past. She even spent hours with me at court... at no additional cost. I highly recommend GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. and am comforted to know that I have someone that's ready to go at a minutes notice and in my business, that is exactly what I need. Quite frankly, I love her service and I wouldn't risk using anyone else. If you're not happy with your GPS provider or think you may need one in the future.... Keep her number locked in your phone... I do.

Rene Angeles, Owner, Iron Bail Bonds 

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