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Monitoring provided for Pre-Trial, House Arrest, and Post Conviction

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If a court decides to release an accused on a recognizance bond (OR), the judge may order that the defendant be monitored electronically. 

The defendant will pay for the monitoring as a condition of their release.

House Arrest / Home Detention

With house arrest, defendant will serve time at their residence, while being afforded to work. This will allow them to serve their court ordered house arrest while remaining a productive citizen in their community.

Post Conviction

 Some defendants need monitoring even after they completed their sentence in jail and or on house arrest. 

As part of their probation, monitoring can continue if so ordered by the court.

How does the Court benefit?

 Working with GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. will take some headaches out of your day:

  • NO cost to the court
  • Less Violation reporting as only true violations are reported
  • Less Paperwork
  • Complete reporting to the court for enrollments, violations, and completions
  • A simple way to fax or email your orders. We take it from there

All we need from the Court

Simply fax or email us a court order and we take it from there

Email or Fax a Court Order

One Order, Multiple Options of Monitoring


We can provide your clerks with a fill able PDF (view link above).  

One form for all phases of a case. Simply make your order, have your clerk send it to us, and we will take it from there.

Our team will install at the jail or court for continued custody. 

How the Process works:

 The court orders electronic monitoring (EM, Pre-Trial, House Arrest, or Probation Monitoring)

  • Your clerk faxes or emails us the order
  • Our team contacts the defendant to schedule the enrollment
  • Our team installs the GPS device and or alcohol monitoring device
  • Our team will send your court an enrollment verification letter
  • Defendant will be monitored according to conditions placed by your court
  • Our team will send you true violation reports, should they occur
  • Upon completion of monitoring, we will remove the equipment and send your court a completion letter

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