Pre-Trial Monitoring

Who is eligible for Pre-Trial monitoring with an ankle bracelet ??

Anyone awaiting trial with the consent of the court, depending on the charges

What are the benefits of Pre-Trial Release with an ankle monitor?

Monitoring at the Pre-Trial stage allows offenders with limited financial resources to return to their homes to await trial, rather then spend weeks or months in custody.

While released with an ankle monitor, the court will have access to defendant's location, compliance, and violations.

Defendants may better participate in their defense strategy by attending counseling, alcohol/drug meetings, pro-active offense-specific programs & demonstrate to the court that they are not threats to community safety but productive citizens.

We will gladly provide the court with an acceptance letter, to show the court we are able and willing to monitor defendants during the 

Pre-Trial phase of their case.

Key Benefits of monitoring

 for PreTrial Release and/or alcohol monitoring:

  • Active participation in defense
  • Possible Bail Reduction
  • Compliance with court orders
  • Client may return to work
  • Maintain their Sobriety
  • Rebuild trust with family
  • Attend court ordered classes
  • May prevent more violations


How can you get a defendant on Pre-Trial monitoring?

  •  Contact Us -  Call or email us prior to your bond hearing

  • Documentation - Request an acceptance letter from our company to present to the court at the bail hearing

  • Present - Present the court with the acceptance letter and request pre-trial release on an ankle monitor


Don't let defendants sit in jail

See if they are eligible to Pre-Trial release with electronic monitoring