Alternative Sentencing

Alternative sentencing options with a private company such as ours must be court approved.

In some cases of course, we are the contract holder for specific courts and even counties.

We are here to help brainstorm sentencing options for house arrest and alternative sentencing.

Private Sentencing Options

1 First Contact

Contact us for options and how you may get your client court approved for private electronic monitoring / home detention.

2 Turned down by the Jail, Probation, or the Sheriff's Department

If your client was court ordered to serve a portion or all of their sentence on house arrest but was turned down by the court appointed monitoring company, we may be able to help.

3 Acceptance Letter

If your client was turned down, we will gladly provide you with an acceptance letter into our private home detention program. Present this letter to the court for approval.

4 Sentencing Compliance

Once the court approved our company and services to fulfill the home detention order, our team will send you and or the court an enrollment letter, followed by violations if there are any, and of course a completion letter at the end of the sentence.

The court may order your client to enroll at point of release from custody for continued custody, which is also not an issue. One of our team members will meet your client at the jail at point of release.

We will monitor your clients around the clock with no exception. More than not, work release is ordered along with home detention. This is not an issue. We will afford your client to work, and afford them 2-4 hours per week of personal time for banking, grocery shopping, etc. Whatever the court order states, we will follow strictly.


Sentencing under Contract

1 Fax or Email us the order

For alternative sentencing -  At point of receiving the court order for home detention, fax or email us the order and we will take it from there.

2 Enrollment

One of our designated team members will follow the court order and either contact the defendant prior to jail time, or meet the defendant at point of release from jail for continued custody.

Defendant will be equipped with an ankle monitor and or alcohol monitoring device depending on the order of the court. Defendant will also sign a participant agreement, along with charging instructions and rules.

3 Reporting

Our staff will notify the court in writing of enrollment, violations, and completion. We also provide progress reports if requested for those who are on our program for an extended period.


In most cases, defendants pay for their own enrollment and monitoring fees unless a contract holder pays for all services.