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Real-time GPS system to monitor sex offenders 

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GPS ankle bracelet designed for real-time sex offender monitoring - DEL MAR, Calif. (CBS 8) - 

The murder of 17-year-old Chelsea King, allegedly by a registered sex offender, has generated calls for tougher laws dealing with convicted criminals. One change being discussed is real-time GPS monitoring for sex offenders. A company called GPS Monitoring Solutions says it's come up with a device.

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News Cast on San Diego's Station KUSI - 

Sex Offender monitoring

On the Dr. Phil Show

Will Twins Accept Dr. Phil’s Life-Saving Offer Of Help?

We went on stage with Dr. Phil to equip these Twins with our ReliAlert device.

Both had the device on for 90 days and successfully completed their program.

This show landed GPS Monitoring Solutions in the media for the 1st and 2nd show in Los Angeles.


Saudi Princess released on 5Mil bond and gps monitoring -


Saudi Princess Accused Of Human Trafficking In OC Posts Bail- Equipped with Monitoring Device with GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc

In Plain Sight


In Plain Sight requested to use one of our ankle monitors for their show with

EPISODE PREMIERE: April 20, 2012.

We were happy to assist.

The Medal of Mary (#5_506)

As Seen on TMZ


Redmond O'Neal Equipped with Monitoring Device with GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. 

Ryan O'Neal's 26-year-old son Redmond got one hell of a parting gift during his sentencing last week for a probation violation -- a state-of-the-art GPS monitoring bracelet. Redmond's probation was revoked in September -- after he allegedly snuck out of rehab and ordered drugs on a payphone -- and last week, a judge sent him back to the treatment facility ... with the monitoring device around his ankle. 

As seen on the Dr. Phil Show


View the footage above. 

Dr. Phil requested our services for two out of control twin sisters.

We were on the set to install and then again to remove the devices.

Actor wearing our GPS device


 SYNOPSIS: Mary — who just arrested her father and delivered him to the FBI — must toughen up when she learns that her father is willing to provide the FBI with valuable information about his former partner, Cormac "Sully" Sullivan. He is only willing to provide the information, however, if three conditions are met: his sentence is reduced, he is put in a special WITSEC cell, and he gets to speak to Mary. 

The Bob Stanton Show


Talk Radio-
Paul Schrader, candidate for Sheriff-Coroner, viewed demonstrations about new   technology in GPS monitoring devices, given by Petra Fuhriman, owner of  GPS Monitoring Solutions.