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Private Monitoring


We can provide monitoring services for those who are out of County/State residents.



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Restraining Order Cases


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We are able to serve all phases of a criminal case.

How we can help with the 4 stages of a criminal case

 Our staff prides themselves to work with:

  • Pre-Trial Officers -  Monitoring Defendants during the Pre-Trial phase of their case. 
  • Bail Agencies - Monitoring Defendants as a condition of bond release.
  • Courts  -  Offering reporting and compliance notifications. 
  • Probation  -  Offering home detention and or alcohol monitoring.  We can monitor your probationers even if they are out of the County/State. 

Complete seamless monitoring

How we can help with the 4 stages of a criminal case
How we can help with the 4 stages of a criminal case

Mobile Installs/Enrollments


We make the installation process as easy as possible for our clients. That's why we offer mobile installations. We come to you at the court, jail, or bail agency office! 

Our company policy does not allow staff to meet clients at their residence for safety reasons.

Our vehicles are equipped with monitoring center access, therefore providing access to all defendant/offender monitoring, even on the go.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a note below.

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Note for all GPS Monitoring clients:For legal and or billing inquiries, kindly note our business hours below.

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By Appointment

Although our Monitoring Center is open around the clock, our Corporate Office is only open during regular business hours.