Enrollment Process

Upon sentencing by the court, defendants are issued an enrollment form which states when installation needs to occur.

Defendant schedules an appointment with the staff of GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. for enrollment. 

Below is are the Enrollment Process steps:

  • GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. will install device at location requested by the court.
  • GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. staff will verify identity by picture identification, government identification, driver’s license, or passport; with corresponding minute order; address, and employment.
  • Defendant will sign lease agreement with GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. and pay for initial set up and monitoring fees. Monitoring fees may be paid via payment plan to fit participant’s budget.
  • Staff enters all client information into monitoring center.
  • Staff enters all court ordered restrictions such as home detention.
  • Defendant is equipped with alcohol and or gps monitoring device.
  • Staff send enrollment letter via fax/email to the court.
  • Staff will fax completion and or violation letters to the court on the same day of occurrence.



1. Court Order


Fax or email us your court order

Our staff will contact the defendant prior to jail time to arrange enrollment upon release

2. Monitoring Agreement


Defendant will sign monitoring agreement

Defendant will also sign charging instructions


4. Reporting

Following enrollment procedures:

Our staff will email/fax an enrollment verification letter to your court.

3. Install Equipment


Home Detention and or Alcohol Monitoring Device

Defendant are fitted with an ankle monitor for their gps enabled home detention.
Defendants take their first breath test in the presence of our staff to validate future facial recognition.