Juvenile - Teen Monitoring

We provide private monitoring for teens in California

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Our ankle monitoring device can keep track of your teenager at all times. The device is the most tamper proof in the industry and even if your smart teenager tries to take it off in some fashion, you will be alerted immediately!

When your daughter or son sneaks out at night, wouldn't it be nice to know exactly were they are? Now that's possible. Generally, your teenagers will not even attempt to take off, as they know you are watching their location. You have the option of setting a house arrest type rule for night time. Set an alarm to the bracelet so that you will be alerted the second he or she sneaks out of the house at night. This device is also great if your juvenile goes on spring break!

Know where your child is at all times. Feel more comfortable letting them leave with their friends. With the click of a mouse, you will always know were they are.

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On many occasions parents call us asking for a device they can install on their juveniles as they

run away, sneak out of the house at night, etc.

We will gladly provide you the parent with login credentials to our monitoring center.

This way you have piece of mind knowing where your child is.

Runaway Teens -

Utilize GPS Monitoring as a tool to keep your teenager at home. Prevent them from sneaking out at night. Our Monitoring Center will call you to alert you if your teen is trying to sneak out.

  • We come to you to install the monitoring device
  • Let us take on the roll of the bad guys in this situation
  • Our staff will explain the do's and don'ts to your teen instead of mom and dad
  • We monitor them around the clock
  • If they sneak out of the house or leave school, we can sound an alarm on the device itself and we can even call them on it
  • Use the device to rebuild trust within your family
  • With this device, you will know where your child is
  • Know they are not skipping school to run with the "cool" crowd

What does this cost parents?

 Enrollment Fee

A one time $150 enrollment fee will be charged at time of fitting your teen with an ankle monitor.

Monitoring Fee

Our reduced rate for parents is $9 per day, $270 per month. THis includes the lease of the device


Our monitoring contract is from month to month. No long term commitments.