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“Drinking was the source of my happiness, so I thought. While I was busy being ‘happy’, my husband left me and my children hated me. My family didn’t want anything to do with me, so what did I do? I got even happier by taking that next drink. The bottle and I became best of friends.

Before I knew it, I was arrested, not once, but three times.

How did I get here? Only the bottle knew. My PO was great in believing that I can in fact stay sober. My PO referred me to GPS Monitoring Solutions for a tool that may help me stay sober.

As soon as I called them, I knew I made the right decision in listening to my PO. They were so understanding and seemed to be on “MY” side. Believe it or not, they came to my house the same day and fitted me with their alcohol monitoring device. I was apprehensive about wearing that thing on my ankle, but I figured I needed to give it a try. Now, 6 weeks later, my husband moved back in and my children are happy to have their mom back in their lives.

My family is coming over again, happy to see ‘ME’, not the person who couldn't’t hold a conversation unless it was with a bottle.

GPS Monitoring Solutions came to my rescue. They gave me the constant reminder about staying sober in the form of an ankle bracelet.
Thank you for giving me my life back!”

D.C., Orange County

I'm very pleased with the service provided to me by GPS Monitoring Solutions.  This is one of the kind device and company that is very hard to find.  I'm so glad that we found this device and company.  Having an ankle bracelet made my daily life easier since the judge ordered a restraining order against my wife.  She brought false charge against me several times.  Because of this device I was able to lead my regular life without being afraid of more false allegations without having proof that she was lying.  I appreciate the weekly reports GPS Monitoring Solutions send us, which I always keep handy in any case my ex brings false charge against me.
Thank you for your help! You gave me a piece of my dignity back and I am truly grateful.

Gurmej Singh, VA

I would like to introduce myself; my name is Rebecca. I recently served 67 days on House arrest and I remain very thankful to the courts for allowing me to go thru an out of county  company called GPS Monitoring Solutions. I recommend them highly. My agent Petra always treated me with respect and dignity.
She worked with me on scheduling my AA meetings, court appearances, and medical appointments. When I felt I had an issue, I was able to call Petra anytime of day or night. Just knowing she was available to me anytime made this home detention program easier and reassuring that I would complete it successfully.

"Sincerely Grateful Woman In Recovery",

San Jose California

GPS Monitoring Solutions is a great company if you need to have home detention and private electronic monitoring.  I found the organization online, and was pleasantly surprised how affordable the service was.  They mailed me the equipment very quickly, and the installation was very simple.  The equipment is state of the art; a little larger than a cell phone.  The owner was very helpful.  She worked with my attorney to ensure compliance with the Court's requirements.  She gave me a routine yet flexible schedule, allowing for time to be at work as well as work functions outside of my normal curfew.  She quickly replaced a malfunctioning unit, and was very apologetic.  Overall it was a very satisfying experience considering the angst with which I began the process. 
Thank you GPS Monitoring Solutions. 

Mr. M, Northern California


  • Hi, Petra;       

    I just want to drop you a quick line now that I have completed my 15 days of house arrest.  For starters, the monitor itself was a very comfortable piece of technology. Only while getting ready for bed was I truly aware of its prescence. Even as I ran low on power the reminder buzz was subtle enough that I only became aware, in the  quiet of the night, that it was stapped on. Overall, I give it an A+ for its performance.

    Most importantly were the interactions I had with Doug and Cory. Both were very professional and disarming in personality. They truly made me feel as if it was a team effort.....that we both needed to work togther in order to successflully complete the process.  Not only were Cory and Doug affable in their approach, they were very knowledgable or knowledgeable enough to know the   wheres and hows of getting an answer to my question(s). This held true whether we were just talking on the phone or engaged in the presence of one another. Instead of this relationship being an adverserial one(which i'm sure occuurs), both gentleman gave me a very distinct feel (or vibe) that this was a business relationship where both parties had  their own end to hold up.  Doug and Cory had a style in presenting themselves in such a way that "doing business" together could also be enjoyable.  They be good listeners as well.

    In such a weird way (given the circumstanes) they made my experience a very positive one...again...given unusual my circumstances at home,  I was  among other things  able to set boundaries for myself  (hopefully.  If I could pass on any words of wisdom to future clients of your company, I would simply suggest to keep the lines of communication open and to stay true to one's own words.

    If I can ever be of help or be a reference please feel free to contact me

    Best of luck to growing the business!

    M.R., Arizona



    "Dear Doug,

    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I couldn't be more thankful. You will never know how much you truly changed my lifestyle, for this I am so grateful.

    I went from being someone I didn't recognize to being myself again. I now work out every day, and I look forward to every day.

    I am coming up on my 30 days and I feel so good today. I started a new job and this last Sunday I got my 30 day sober coin.

    I hope one day I can change a life, just as you did in giving me this chance.

    Thank you,

    Samantha Hallberg

    Dear Petra,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the role you and your company played in helping to make it possible for me to attend my son's wedding in Los Angeles this past weekend.

    Your active and professional approach to my situation enabled me to resurrect what would have been a lost cause; residing in Florida on a GPS system and not being able to leave that state while wearing their equipment.

    As it turned out, when we found your company on the internet, it was a God sent!

    Your website along with your brochure started the wheels of justice to turn in my favor, but the capper was when the judge called you from the bench during the hearing. You were able to satisfy all of his concerns about the capabilities of your company and your equipment. In fact, I believe the judge was convinced your company exceeded the monitoring capabilities of ProTech. Having been on their GPS for four years, I know first hand that it does!

    As a side note, if there was a way for me to continue using your system, I would much prefer it for the simple reason that GPS Monitoring Solutions utilizes an all-in-one system. As you know, in Florida, the DOC uses a two piece system. The fear and repercussions of forgetting one's monitor adds another level of unnecessary anxiety to our every day living. Furthermore, with their system, one has to constantly "go outside" every time their monitor loses GPS signal. ProTech's system is absolutely archaic and irrelevant equipment.

    Petra, I can't thank you enough for all that you did to ensure a successful transition from ProTech to GPS Monitoring Solutions and then back ProTech.

    That my son was able to have both his parents escort him down the aisle on his wedding day is a gift that would not have happened were it not for you. To say, "Thank you" just doesn't seem enough.....

    Mister M., Florida
    October 2010