Offering the best device in the industry for low-risk offenders

One Device for both Home Detention and Work Release

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Combines cellular and global positioning system (GPS) technologies, patented device that straps to an offender’s ankle. Integrates a physical tracking device with a sophisticated GPS software system and a Monitoring Center to provide real-time location tracking 24/7. Multiple Inclusion and Exclusion Zones per Offender, with Automatic Buffer Zones used.

    Shadow - for low risk offenders


    • Single-unit device for added simplicity
    • No land-line required
    • No external power required
    • Easy set-up
    • Tamper resistant
    • Motion detection
    • One-minute tracking/reporting
    • Active GPS tracking
    • 24 hour battery life
    • Stores data when temporarily out of range- then automatically forwards information when back in range
    • Tamper-resistant with tamper sensors - improved fiber optics
    • Set exclusion/inclusion boundaries

The right solution for house arrest cases when risk is no longer an issue