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Active GPS Monitoring & reporting

We offer the best technology in Active
GPS monitoring

Alcohol Monitoring & reporting

We offer the newest technology in Remote Alcohol Monitoring

Secure yourBonds & ReduceLiability

Affording you extra security in writing bonds, to reduce liability

24/7/365 Installation services

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Monitoring equipment has the capability to identify the participant assigned to each individual unit.

Each monitoring device has its own serial number.

Each participant is assigned to their corresponding equipment/serial number for identification and monitoring.



Enrollment Process

  1. Upon sentencing by the court, defendants are issued an enrollment form which states when installation needs to occur.
  2. Defendant schedules an appointment with the staff of GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. for enrollment.

GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. will install device at location requested by the court.

  1. GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. staff will verify identity by picture identification, government identification, driver’s license, or passport; with corresponding minute order; address, and employment.
  2. Defendant will sign lease agreement with GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. and pay for initial set up and monitoring fees. Monitoring fees may be paid via payment plan to fit participant’s budget.
  3. Staff enters all client information into monitoring center
  4. Staff enters all court ordered restrictions such as home detention
  5. Defendant is equipped with alcohol and or gps monitoring device
  6. Staff send enrollment letter via fax/email to the court
  7. Staff will fax completion and or violation letters to the court on the same day of occurrence

  8. Corporate office of GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. will submit weekly and or monthly reports to the court with requested details, including enrollees, completions, violations, etc.

The Enrollment process generally takes approximately 15 minutes.

Enrollment Qualifications:

All defendants who have been ordered by the court to enroll into our monitoring program are immediately and automatically accepted by GPSMS.

Medically impaired defendants are monitored and equipped in the same fashion as defendants without medical impairments.
In the event it becomes necessary for a staff member to perform enrollment procedures on medically impaired defendants at defendant’s home, the enrollment will be scheduled by our staff.  In home enrollments shall be performed at no additional cost.

GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. developed a custom offender management program. Each offender/participant is entered into the database as soon as we receive a court order for monitoring:

  • Participant are added by court or county.
  • Name
  • Start date, Completion date
  • Violations
  • Address / Change of residence, change of employment
  • Successfully completion of program,
  • Participants currently in program etc.
  • Supervising officer (court or admin)

    GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. created a database that captures all information listed.



Reports will be issued upon enrollment, completion, violations, weekly and or monthly reports per request of the court.

GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. shall report compliance issues to the Court, using Court approved electronic means, within one (1) business day a MINIMUM of the following information:

  • Violation Reports:
  • Failure to report to the contractor within two (2) business days.
  • Use of alcohol
  • Violation of any curfew
  • Violation of inclusion and exclusion zones
  • Tampering with or damaging the electronic monitoring device
  • Any know illegal activities by the person
  • Violation of any known court order
  • Treatment of non-compliance
  • Termination of or changes to employment
  • Change in residence
  • Other information pertaining to the person’s performance as requested by the Court that the Contractor may be in possession of

Monthly reports:
Number of participants on program
Number of participants referred and enrolled
Number of participants violated
Number of participants completed
Number of participants terminated from program
Number of enrollment/violation/completions submitted
Number of program participants utilizing the sliding pay scale (i.e. indigent or quasi-indigent participants)


GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. utilizes a web based monitoring system to verify participants remain at home/work during specified time periods with the use of the ReliAlert.  The screenshot below illustrates current location of a participant and his curfew schedule for home detention.

Should the participant have an unauthorized absence of his/her curfew/Home detention and or work schedule, we are notified by the monitoring center immediately. In addition, we are able to expeditiously notify the court of late returns, equipment malfunctions, tampering and other events. This data is stored directly within the monitoring center and retrievable at any time.