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Active GPS Monitoring & reporting

We offer the best technology in Active
GPS monitoring

Alcohol Monitoring & reporting

We offer the newest technology in Remote Alcohol Monitoring

Secure yourBonds & ReduceLiability

Affording you extra security in writing bonds, to reduce liability

24/7/365 Installation services

Making the installation process easy for our clients. We come to you!

We NO Longer provide this device


No phone lines or base station required -
Utilizes Cell to transmit all data collected.

R.A.D.A.R.™Real-time Alcohol Detection and Recognition System
The R.A.D.A.R. System features:

  • Dual, independent biometric technology for immediate user identification and confirmation
  • Real-time, GPS location fix for positive or negative tests
  • Is mobile device friendly for use with iPads and smart phones
  • Designed to meet or exceed all Department of Transportation alcohol testing accuracy standards
  • utilizes military-grade 256-bit encryption for data communications
  • has multiple testing capabilities and a web-enabled software platform to report in Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF formats
  • Features a 96-hour battery life – three times the industry average.

 Your Take-Home, Quick-Start Guide

This is the Real-time Alcohol Detection and Recognition (RADAR) Monitoring Program:
You agree to comply with program requirements set forth in the RADAR Participant Agreement.

Strictly follow the instructions of your Supervising Agent. Keep RADAR with you at all times.
At random, during your schedule, RADAR tests blood alcohol concentration by measuring breath alcohol content (BrAC). If RADAR detects a positive BrAC, it transmits an alert to the RADAR monitoring center. RADAR also contains systems designed to confirm your identity.

LED lights when RADAR is TESTING...

followed by
(( ))

followed by

RADAR will flash GREEN and VIBRATE when ready.
Press your lips FULLY on the FACEPLATE.
(brush any facial hair aside, lick your lips, allowing lips to make full contact with faceplate)
Maintain full contact between lips and faceplate and WAIT up to 30 seconds or more.
When VIBRATION begins again, KEEP lips fully on the faceplate.

Through the nose inhale COMPLETELY and DEEPLY.
Out the mouth exhale QUICKLY and COMPLETELY.

       ((( )))


(after test) RADAR VIBRATES: Retest Required. Prepare for new test.


(or, after test) Test complete. Additional lights to follow ...


... Communication in progress. Set down RADAR. Keep unit 24 inches away.

       ((( )))


(after test) RADAR VIBRATES: Battery Low. Charge battery immediately.
To Charge: Take RADAR power cord, match curved and flat sides to matching receptacle on RADAR, then connect to wall outlet.

All other LED light sequences are a part of the routine operation of the unit.
LED lights when RADAR is plugged in ... Charge your device at least every 3rd day

2.5 Hrs 


When plugged into wall outlet, battery is charging.

   2.5 Hrs  


Charge for 2.5 hours AND wait until the light is solid BLUE. Only then disconnect RADAR from wall outlet.

Keep track of RADAR’s power cord. They are NOT found at a local store and it WILL cost you to replace it.

If a test occurs while driving, you will have enough time to pull over and find a safe area off the road. Keep RADAR out of direct sunlight, especially when in a car. DO NOT let RADAR get too hot or cold. Please be careful when bathing, swimming or going about your day. DO NOT submerge RADAR. Just like any phone, keep RADAR dry and safe. Direct any questions to your Supervising Agent. View a training video from any Internet browser. Go to and Register for an access code. Send the access code to your e-mail address or your cell phone. Then, use the access code to Login.
Your access code expires in 24 hours. Register for another access code at at any time.