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Pay your Invoice

Payment Options

Pay by Money Order or Cashiers Check
Make sure your payment is mailed out prior to your due date
  • List your Name
  • Verify the correct Amount
  • Mail prior to your due date to avoid late fees
  • Mail to: PO Box 6363, Rancho Belago, CA 92554
Bank Deposits
Direct Deposit
  • You may make a direct deposit to Bank of America
  • GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc
  • Acct# 10437-72249
  • PO Box 6363, Rancho Belago, CA 92554
  • After deposit, you MUST text a deposit slip or call to let us know you made a deposit. Failure to notify us about your payment will delay credit to your account as we don't know who made the deposit.


You can also pay us via Apple Pay. Send your payments to 714-833-7904

Pay by Phone  (855) 202-2355 ... a 5% convenience fee will be charged by the processing company.

Ask us about other options.

Payments are due on or before the date on your invoice.

Late payments are subject

to late fees and or discontinuation of monitoring.