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Active GPS Monitoring & reporting

We offer the best technology in Active
GPS monitoring

Alcohol Monitoring & reporting

We offer the newest technology in Remote Alcohol Monitoring

Secure yourBonds & ReduceLiability

Affording you extra security in writing bonds, to reduce liability

24/7/365 Installation services

Making the installation process easy for our clients. We come to you!

Ignition Interlock with Intoxalock - currently available in Arizona only - We are NOT the provider of this service

Ignition Interlock


About the Intoxalock

The Intoxalock program makes it easy for you get back on the road. The Intoxalock is a discreet, hand-held alcohol sensor that tests a driver's breath to determine his or her blood alcohol content (BAC) and prohibits a vehicle from starting if the driver fails the test.

The Intoxalock is primarily used by people who are legally required to have an IID because of a drunk-driving violation. However, more and more individuals and businesses are voluntarily installing the devices as a way of preventing a potential drunk driving arrest or tragedy.

Easy To Use
Blow into the Intoxalock and it will display your exact breath alcohol content
on the spot. After a successful test, the unit will let you operate your car as normal.

Easy To Install
Installation by a certified Intoxalock service center takes roughly an hour.

Easy To Service
A toll-free call to 888-560-2628 connects you to Intoxalock's customer service department, where ignition interlock experts are ready to handle any service issues quickly and to your satisfaction.

Easy To Afford
No need to buy an expensive piece of equipment. Lease the Intoxalock at a low
price and use your VISA and MasterCard to make convenient monthly payments. Cash, cashier's checks and money orders are also accepted.

Interlock AZ

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Tell the operator your monitoring is ordered through GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc.

Fees - $65 per installation and $150 for mobile installation.
Monitoring fees will be billed to you directly by Intoxalock