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Frequently Asked Questions About GPS Monitoring


The ReliAlert is the newest gps monitoring device in the industry.

It can be used for general participants and high risk offenders by using the SecureCuff as the band.
The strap illustrated on the left is a soft strap, generally used for home detention and no flight risk participants.

ReliAlert Product Sheet



ReliAlert Installation




Monitoring Center




The SecureCuff is used mostly for 2 types of participants: High Risk Offenders and Juveniles

SecureCuff Installation

SecureCuff Product Sheet




Can Individuals order the monitoring

Yes - in some cases parents order this device to monitor their teens.

In addition, on occasion individuals ask to be monitor tp protect themselves against false aligations in restraining order issues.

Who does the monitoring

All monitoring is performed 24/7/365 by the monitoring center, located in Sandy Utah.

On occasion, probation officers, the sheriff's department, or bail agents request to monitor participants as well.

Do you share my monitoring

Monitoring is confidential and is not shared with anyone.

However, in criminal investigations, we are bound by law to offer location to law enforcement.

What is your Lease Agreement commitment?

There is a 30-day minimum lease agreement for devices, unless court ordered for a specific time.

Ask us about our devices for personal use. On some occasions when sentencing is not required for a full 30 days, we can monitor defendants for the ordered duration, regardless of the number of days.

What are the monitoring fees? There is a $150 one-time set up and activation fee for devicese, plus a daily monitoring fee.
Who gets notified if there is a problem? For self-monitoring we contact you directly, or anyone you have designated as a contact person.
Or we generally follow Minute Orders issued by the court or law enforcement.
The supervising officer in terms of probation or court order will be notified.

Do you create activity reports of Offenders?


Yes, we can prepare Monitoring Reports available for each court date. Just let us know the date, and whom to send the report to.

Alcohol Monitoring devices are NOT waterproof, however they are water resistant. These devices need to stay as dry as possible, Persons should only shower while having a device installed.

Are the Monitoring Devices waterproof?


Our gps device for electronic monitoring is waterproof, up to 15 feet.

Can someone wearing the Monitoring Device clear Security Check Points at the airport or court house?


Yes. When traveling by air, we power the device down during your flight. Once you land at your destination, we power the device back up.

How does GPS Tracking work?


The Global Positioning System functions as follows:

The GPS Receiver receives signals transmitted from orbiting GPS Satellites. Once these satellite transmissions are received by the GPS Receiver, crucial information such as location, direction, and speed are then calculated. A GPS Receiver generally requires transmissions from at least three GPS Satellites before effectively determining the correct position. (The term for the technique to calculate distance is: Trialateration.) GPS Receivers then measure the time delays between transmissions and reception of radio signals from each GPS Satellite.