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Paul Schrader, candidate for Sheriff-Coroner, viewed demonstrations about new technology in gps monitoring devices, given by Petra Fuhriman, owner of GPS-Monitoring Solutions. 

“The technology demonstrated, afforded me a new look  and understanding as to how real gps monitoring should work, compared to stored information that is not available to o\ur officers for up to two days. We can have near real-time monitoring for any situation.” Paul Schrader stated.

In an effort to improve productivity and dependability, devices offered by GPS Monitoring Solutions are a must. GPS Monitoring Solutions offers gps devices for offender monitoring, restraining order solutions, and alcohol monitoring.

With over 2.2 million offenders currently incarcerated, the United States leads the world as the land of mass incarceration. With a constantly increasing number of offenders in the system, overcrowding is common in jurisdictions across the nation both large and small.  We can reduce our overcrowding with GPS Monitoring Solutions in our community. 


“Active tracking and monitoring offenders in alternative sentencing, re-entry or early release programs, restraining order solutions, and even alcohol monitoring will allow us to confine and control our offenders while allowing better management and control of our inmate population. All of the monitoring is provided by GPS Monitoring Solutions, thus freeing up officers to perform their daily duties with less worries about our offenders. They provide devices and 24/7 monitoring. “, said Mr. Schrader.


San Bernardino County faces challenging times. It is more important than ever that San Bernardino has a Sheriff that can meet and overcome those challenges. As Sheriff, it will be my duty and responsibility to lead the community and the Department into a new era of safety, accountability, and cooperation. If you agree with me that these are values worth working towards, and that our families deserve safe places to play and work, please join my team. Working together, we will turn challenges into solutions.

Paul Schrader would like to bring a Fresh Start to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department financing and budgeting reviews. He will appoint a volunteer committee to review the audit and devise solutions to maximize the use of funds currently being spent in the Sheriff’s Department, especially to make available the maximum amount of technology and resources to the Deputies working in the field and in the jails. In addition, he will be exploring the possibility of using resources such video cameras in high-crime areas, electronic monitoring systems, shot spotters, and an automatic license plate recognition system to identify stolen vehicles. The feasibility of adding K-9′s and volunteers into the ranks will also be explored.

With the help of GPS Monitoring Solutions, we have the chance to make San Bernardino County safer.