Court Services

Court Services

Monitoring provided for Pre-Trial, House Arrest, and Post Conviction

GPS Monitoring for all phases during a criminal case

Court Services made easy

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Proven track record of 10 years, working with municipalities across Arizona and California.

Worked with countless courts across the United States, providing out of County and out of State monitoring.

Pre-Trial Monitoring

If a court decides to release an accused on a recognizance bond (OR), the judge may order that the defendant be monitored electronically. The defendant will pay for the monitoring as a condition of their release.

House Arrest Monitoring
House Arrest / Home Detention / EM Program

With house arrest, defendant will serve time at their residence, while being afforded to work. This will allow them to serve their court ordered house arrest while remaining a productive citizen in their community.

Post Conviction Monitoring
Post Conviction

Some defendants need monitoring even after they completed their sentence in jail and or on house arrest. As part of their probation, monitoring can continue if so ordered by the court.

How does the court benefit?

Working with GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. will take some headaches out of your day:

  • NO cost to the court
  • Less Violation reporting as only true violations are reported
  • Less Paperwork
  • Complete reporting to the court for enrollments, violations, and completions
  • A simple way to fax or email your orders. We take it from there

Here is what you need to do

Simply fax or email us a court order and we take it from there

One Order, Multiple Options of Monitoring

We can provide your clerks with a fill able PDF. One form for all phases of a case. Simply make your order, have your clerk send it to us, and we will take it from there.
Our team will install at the jail or court for continued custody.

How the process works:

  • The court orders electronic monitoring (EM, Pre-Trial, House Arrest, or Probation Monitoring)
  • Your clerk faxes or emails us the order
  • Our team contacts the defendant to schedule the enrollment
  • Our team installs the GPS device and or alcohol monitoring device
  • Our team will send your court an enrollment verification letter
  • Defendant will be monitored according to conditions placed by your court
  • Our team will send you true violation reports, should they occur
  • Upon completion of monitoring, we will remove the equipment and send your court a completion letter
Alcohol Monitoring for DUI cases

DUI Cases

For DUI cases before your court, we provide alcohol monitoring to ensure defendants maintain their sobriety.

How alcohol monitoring works with out hand held breathalyzer:

  • Our team enrolls defendants into our alcohol monitoring program
  • Defendant takes first breath test in presence of our team to ensure facial recognition is matched to the right individual
  • Defendant is issued a testing schedule at which times they have to take a breath test. Generally 4-6 times daily
  • Defendant is informed about potential random testing demands
  • Defendant receives instructions in writing with the do's and don'ts
  • Our breathalyzer (SL2) is extremely sensitive to alcohol. Even a energy drink will set it off. However, our device has a fail safe for false/positive tests. Once a positive test was submitted, the device will automatically prompt defendant to re-test in 15 minutes. If the alcohol level is now in ZERO range, the provious test was a false/positive due to mouthwash, energy drinks, etc.
  • Should the secondary and third test remain at a higher alcohol level, we will notify the court with visual documentation about the violation.
Electronic monitoring for pre-trial release

Pre-Trial Release

GPS Monitoring is often times ordered as a condition of Pre-Trial release. Many times it is even ordered by your court without the need of a bond.

Benefits of Pre-Trial Monitoring:

  • Accountability for your where-about's
  • Ensure defendant shows up for their next court date
  • Geo Fencing - order specific geographical areas to stay within
  • Stay Away Order monitoring
  • Geo Fencing around airports and train stations to ensure defendants can't flee

“Active tracking and monitoring offenders in alternative sentencing, re-entry or early release programs, restraining order solutions, and even alcohol monitoring will allow us to confine and control our offenders while allowing better management and control of our inmate population. All of the monitoring is provided by GPS Monitoring Solutions, thus freeing up officers to perform their daily duties with less worries about our offenders. They provide devices and 24/7 monitoring. “

testimonial author
Paul Schrader Sheriff Elect, San Bernardino CA

Family Law Cases

Unfortunately GPS monitoring and more so alcohol monitoring has become a neccesity in Family Court cases.

Whether you are hearing a case in family court regarding child custody issues, where either a parent accuses the other of drinking while visiting with the children; or one parent accused the other with possible child abduction....
with our technolody, we can help the court sort it out.

Then of couse, your court is also dealing with restraining order issues.

work with me
work with me

How we can assist in those family court cases:

Alcohol Monitoring

The use of state-of-the-art technology in custody cases raises the bar higher. GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. will provide the empirical proof/data to irrefutably demonstrate the parent's sobriety during child visitation.


In custody situations, one parent might be accused of being an alcoholic,
thus not receiving custody as they should. When equipped with a alcohol monitoring device, we monitor the parent's alcohol level several times
during a 24 hour period, especially before and during visitation.


In the event the monitored parent consumes alcohol, the other parent, attorneys, and the court can be notified immediately.

For both parties

Monitoring serves both parties! Parents accused of drinking during visitation can prove to the court they are in fact maintaining their sobriety.
Custodial parents have peace of mind knowing their child is safe while
visiting with the other parent.

Flight Risk

In child custody cases, often times the custodial parent is worried about the other parent fleeing with the child(ren).
Due to that issue, we offer gps monitoring for those who are a potential risk.

Restraining Order

The chilling reality is a restraining order is nothing more than court mandate on a piece of paper providing the victim little real time protection.

However, a gps enabled restraining order provides that added level of security and peace of mind from a potential threat from the restrained party.

Dedicated to provide alternative sentencing options

Remember, there is no cost to the court. Our program is primarily offender paid. Court services provided for Pre-Trial, House Arrest, and Post Conviction

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