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Active GPS Monitoring & reporting

We offer the best technology in Active
GPS monitoring

Alcohol Monitoring & reporting

We offer the newest technology in Remote Alcohol Monitoring

Secure yourBonds & ReduceLiability

Affording you extra security in writing bonds, to reduce liability

24/7/365 Installation services

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GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc is pleased to announce our newest staff member Brian Lane is also a Fugitive Recovery Agent, available to assist with your surrenders, hook and books, and other recovery services.

This is an added benefit for bail agencies who seek our services to protect their bonds.


A possible tool for Bail

Fugitive Recovery:

  • Low Rate, 8% of the Bail Amount
    2million Per Incident Bail Enforcement Insurance
    PC 1299 Compliant
    Law Enforcement Officers
    100% Success Rate with No Incidents
  • Other Services:

    Quick pick up $500
    Employee basic background check $50
    Employee complete background check $150
    Surveillance $30 / Hr
    Executive Protection: $30 / Hr

  • You can now monitor your defendants and have them picked up day or night with none of the worries of calling around to find a recovery agent.

Surety Companies

Many surety companies now request the added security of a gps monitoring device before approving large bail amounts. On some bonds, your surety company may deny a bond, unless they have the added security that your clients will show up for all their scheduled court dates and not abscond.