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GPS Monitoring as a condition of your Bond

Utilize GPS Monitoring as a negotiating tool in the bail reduction process as a condition of release.

When someone is arrested, what are the release options?
Four basic release options available are described below:

  • Cash Bail:

  • To be released on cash bail, the total amount of the bail (not just 10%) must be given to the court in cash. The court holds this money until the case is concluded, providing the incentive for the defendant to show up in court. If the defendant does appear for all court proceedings, the cash bail is returned in full.

  • Surety Bond:

  • The most common bail bond is a Surety Bond. It involves a contract with a bail agent who posts a bond for the full bail amount, which financially guarantees that the defendant will show up for all court proceedings. The bail agent typically charges the defendant a premium of 10% of the bail amount for this service.

  • Release on Own Recognizance (O.R.):

  • This program is usually offered to low risk individuals with no past criminal record or non-violent offenses.

  • Release on Citation (Cite Out):

  • Most people are familiar with this procedure. This is the same thing that happens when a person receives a traffic citation. The citation is usually issued and the defendant is never actually placed in custody. Like the Release on Own Recognizance, it is up to the defendant to voluntarily show up in court on the appointed date.

A possible tool for Bail Reduction Hearings

Ask your attorney to propose a gps device at your bail hearing for a possible bail reduction.

  • Bail Hearing

    With any type of bond, you have the option of asking to wear a gps monitoring device at your bail hearing for a possible reduction. You will of course be responsible for paying monthly fees for the monitoring.

  • You can use a gps monitoring device as an added piece of security for your bond if collateral is an issue.
  • What we can do for you

    We can issue an acceptance letter for your attorney to take to court. The attorney would state we can monitor your where-about's while out on bond. This is often used to reduce your high bail amount.

  • A staff member of GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. will come to court, the jail, bond office, or even your residence to install the device.
  • Here is how it works

    If you are looking to place an ankle monitor on your defendants during bond release (in CA or AZ), all you have to do is call us and schedule and install.
    For CA call 714-833-7904 ... For AZ call 520-488-5201
    We will need the name of your defendant, DOB, and booking number.
    From there, you let us know when the bond was posted and which jail your defendant is housed in.
    Depending on your preference, we will install directly at the jail, at your office, or other requested location. In the event you ask our staff to wait at the jail, an hourly fee of $25 per hour will be charged to your agency or to your defendant.

    In most cases, monitoring fees are the financial responsibility of the defendants rather than the bail agencies.
    Cost includes an activation plus monthly fee.

Surety Companies

Many surety companies now request the added security of a gps monitoring device before approving large bail amounts. On some bonds, your surety company may deny a bond, unless they have the added security that your clients will show up for all their scheduled court dates and not abscond.