Out of State Monitoring – Client Testimonial

By | April 29, 2011

Dear Petra,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the role you and your company played in helping to make it possible for me to attend my son’s wedding in Los Angeles this past weekend.

Your active and professional approach to my situation enabled me to resurrect what would have been a lost cause; residing in Florida on a GPS system and not being able to leave that state while wearing their equipment.

As it turned out, when we found your company on the internet, it was a God sent!

Your website along with your brochure started the wheels of justice to turn in my favor, but the capper was when the judge called you from the bench during the hearing. You were able to satisfy all of his concerns about the capabilities of your company and your equipment. In fact, I believe the judge was convinced your company exceeded the monitoring capabilities of ProTech. Having been on their GPS for four years, I know first hand that it does!

As a side note, if there was a way for me to continue using your system, I would much prefer it for the simple reason that GPS Monitoring Solutions utilizes an all-in-one system. As you know, in Florida, the DOC uses a two piece system. The fear and repercussions of forgetting one’s monitor adds another level of unnecessary anxiety to our every day living. Furthermore, with their system, one has to constantly “go outside” every time their monitor loses GPS signal. ProTech’s system is absolutely archaic and irrelevant equipment.

Petra, I can’t thank you enough for all that you did to ensure a successful transition from ProTech to GPS Monitoring Solutions and then back ProTech.

That my son was able to have both his parents escort him down the aisle on his wedding day is a gift that would not have happened were it not for you. To say, “Thank you” just doesn’t seem enough…..

Mister M., Florida
October 2010

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