GPS Tracking Systems

By | May 4, 2011

There has been a lot of hype in the media about gps tracking.

Do we realize how we’re being tracked already on a daily basis?

People, especially in the civil/family court arena speak out in dislike about being tracked while having been issued a restraining order.
See the light folks…. this can save lives and it can protect the accused! We are being watched daily without thinking about it, so why not give the victim a tool that enables a better life? And why not enable the accused with a tool to proff or disproof fase allegaitons?

Just for instance, our cell phones act as  GPS tracking devices that know where we are and when.
Many law enforcement agencies request your phone records, showing at least where you ohone has been, what towers it inged off of, not to mention who you called, etc.

The next on the list is  vehicle tracking  without even giving it a second thought. Most of us have gps built into our cars straight from the factory.
Besides having this incredible navigation tool, guess what, it can also track where you have been, where you are now, and provide minute to minute updates of where you are going.

We also have the saftety in mind SOS system in our vehicles that can call a monitoring center in the event of an accident. Pretty cool when you need it.
However, this cool gadget also tracks you via gps….how else would they know where to send help to.

On a good note, many companies are also utilizing tracking devices on their company vehicles. So if you are called into the office after taking a “detour” from your daily tasks, don’t be suprised. Companies use this technology to see where their drivers are, how long they are at one location, and how long it takes drivers to get to their destination.

Hikers and Skiers are also often equipped with tracking devices that enable them to get help if they get lost, hurt, or are just unable to return to where they started out.

GPS monitoring is a good thing in many situations. Think about it and have a better understanding o

2 thoughts on “GPS Tracking Systems

  1. Kevin

    Hi, I can see where GPS is good thing but also on the other hand it can be used to remove alot of our privacy as free Americans. I think there needs to be reigns on it for control to protect those privacy’s that we all enjoy. Other than that its a great thing.
    Nice article. Thanks


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