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Molestation suspect shoots victim, mother, self

Crescent City, Del Norte County — A Los Gatos man shot and gravely wounded a 14-year-old girl he is accused of  molesting over a four-year period after apparently tracking the girl and her  mother from Santa Clara County to Crescent City, police said. Read more: The list of women as Sitting Ducks  continues to […]

Fathers Group opposes GPS devices for Restraining Orders

Unfortunately we hear this all too often…. Father’s Rights Groups seem to be against gps enabled restraining orders. These groups need to realize that a gps enabled restraining order does not only help the victim! Men who contact us almost daily to equip themselves with a gps monitoring device are looking to provide courts data […]

Restraining Order Solution for the Victim

GPS Monitoring is the self-help solution to those in need of protection. While the person restrained is outfitted (tethered) with a monitoring device, the party requesting protection can likewise be equipped with a receiver.  In the event the restrained person violates the court-ordered distance, the protected person is immediately notified of the violation or eminent by a phone […]

Restraining Order Solution for the Accused

On occasion, an estranged, spouse or partner will ask for and receive a restraining order from the Court.  The order may include a GPS device.  However, when wrongly accused, the restrained person can opt to equip themselves with a GPS tracking device which factors the accuser’s home and employment stay-away zones.  During a hearing for […]