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Criminal Law Defense: “Realignment” in California’s Criminal Justice System – Alternatives to Custody Part II

By Donna L. Connally* and Petra Fuhriman** (October 13, 2011) California’s “realignment” statutes have changed the way many felony offenders are handled by the criminal courts.The key changes come in the areas of sentencing and post-incarceration (after jail or prison time has been served).Part I of this “realignment” series discussed the primary changes in the […]

Criminal Law Defense: “Realignment” in California’s Criminal Justice System Part I

By Donna L. Connally* (October 3, 2011) Realignment means you may not go to prison, you can still earn “half-time” credits, and you may be supervised for as little as 6 months after release from custody. Part I of this Realignment discussion talks about how the changes to California’s treatment of felony offenders came about, […]

Criminal Law Defense: Victim Restitution

By Donna L. Connally* (September 2011) In California, criminal law courts are required to order a convicted defendant to pay restitution to a crime victim.  Too often, defendants have no idea how much money might be involved.  You, as a defendant, need to remember three key points about restitution when choosing your criminal law defense […]