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Another parolee cut off his gps device

Covina parolee accused of removing GPS ankle bracelet COVINA – Police arrested a wanted parolee with convictions for home-invasion robbery and auto theft early Tuesday on suspicion of removing a GPS tracking device, officials said. [important] They should have had our ReliAlert with the SecureCuff![/important] Our Parole departments don’t have a choice when it comes […]

SecureCuff – specifically made for highrisk offenders

[notice]SecureAlert’s patent pending SecureCuff™ is the only security cuff in the industry specifically made for highrisk offenders.[/notice] It has encased, hardened steel bands designed to be highly cut resistant and provide officers an additional 10-15 minutes to be on-site before an offender can abscond. The SecureCuff™ includes a fiber-optic technology strap for tampering notification and […]