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I have completed my 15 days of house arrest

Hi, Petra;

I just want to drop you a quick line now that I have completed my 15 days of house arrest. For starters, the monitor itself was a very comfortable piece of technology. Only while getting ready for bed was I truly aware of its prescence. Even as I ran low on power the reminder buzz was subtle enough that I only became aware, in the quiet of the night, that it was stapped on. Overall, I give it an A+ for its performance.

Most importantly were the interactions I had with Doug and Cory. Both were very professional and disarming in personality. They truly made me feel as if it was a team effort…..that we both needed to work togther in order to successflully complete the process. Not only were Cory and Doug affable in their approach, they were very knowledgable or knowledgeable enough to know the wheres and hows of getting an answer to my question(s). This held true whether we were just talking on the phone or engaged in the presence of one another. Instead of this relationship being an adverserial one(which i’m sure occuurs), both gentleman gave me a very distinct feel (or vibe) that this was a business relationship where both parties had their own end to hold up. Doug and Cory had a style in presenting themselves in such a way that “doing business” together could also be enjoyable. They be good listeners as well.

In such a weird way (given the circumstanes) they made my experience a very positive one…again…given unusual my circumstances at home, I was among other things able to set boundaries for myself (hopefully. If I could pass on any words of wisdom to future clients of your company, I would simply suggest to keep the lines of communication open and to stay true to one’s own words.

If I can ever be of help or be a reference please feel free to contact me

Best of luck to growing the business!

Sincerely, M.R., Arizona