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(Sections 221.025, 544.455, 544.470, and 557.011)

The bill allows a judge to release a person before trial on
electronic monitoring or to order a person to serve part or all
of a sentence of confinement on electronic monitoring.  All costs
associated with electronic monitoring will be charged to the
person on house arrest.  If the judge finds the person unable to
afford the associated costs, the judge cannot order the
electronic monitoring.  A circuit court may adopt a local rule
authorizing the pretrial release of certain offenders on
electronic monitoring in lieu of incarceration.

A judge may credit any period of electronic monitoring against
any period of confinement or incarceration ordered; however, an
individual on electronic monitoring will not be considered to be
in custody or incarceration for purposes of eligibility for MO
HealthNet benefits or considered confinement in a correctional
center or jail for purposes of determining responsibility for the
individual’s health care.

A court may not place an individual on electronic monitoring in
lieu of the required imprisonment, community service, or
court-ordered treatment program involving community service if
that individual is a prior, persistent, aggravated, or chronic
offender sentenced pursuant to Section 577.023.

This allows for the same treatment of both felon and misdemeanor,
and doesn’t limit it’s scope at all, except as it applied to intoxication
related offenses, 577.023.

Medical Alarm System

As you know, we specialize in offender monitoring and restraining order solutions.

Besides our general line of business,  the requests for medical alarms for seniors increases daily.
On many occasions, families of seniors call us without the slightest clue on how to help their parents stay active and safe.
The majority of our parents, and other loved ones, want to remain home and independant. Why not provide them and you with peace of mind?
Options are available within reach. Get educated and learn about the alternatives from assisted living homes to the freedom of staying in the comfort of your own home.
Just think of the times you worry about the senior in your life. Did he/she fall? Can he/she get to a phone to call for help?
With options like medical alarms for seniors, those worrysome days are over. Know your loved one is in good hands when the need for help arises.
This type of option provides help at the push of a button.  If the senior in your life falls, he/she pushes a button and help is on the other side.
No more worries about not being able to get up after a fall.

If you are like me with senior parents who live out of State, you really need to check out your options and keep your parents mobile, safe, and comfortable in their own home.

Just because I can’t physically be there doesn’t mean I don’t have options to ensure someone is looking out on my behalf!



GPS monitoring ordered by Homeland Security

In July we were approved by Homeland Security to equip a woman with a gps monitoring device.
Client was deported many years ago but returned to the United States on a Parole Visa to testify in a high-profile case out of LA.
Homeland Security wanted to make sure the witness would be boarding a plane to return to her county after testifying, instead of melting into the background.

The Los Angeles Public Defender’s office made all arrangements between Customs Border Patrol, the client, and our staff.
Client’s stay was extended by one week as the duration of the trial went longer than expected.


This client flew in from Hong Kong to plead for her sisters life as the DA is seeking the death penalty in this case.

Stay tuned for updates.