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[important]GPS Tracking in Criminal and Civil Law
Petra Fuhriman, owner of GPS Monitoring Solutions [/important]

Wednesday, June 29 – 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. @ Mexicali Bar & Grill Greetings!

Mexicali Bar & Grill
1690 Spruce St. (@ Chicago)
Riverside, CA

We look forward to seeing you this month at Barristers as we socialize, introduce our new board of directors, thank our Past-President Jean Serrano for his service and learn about GPS tracking in criminal and civil law.

Happy Hour Social:
5:30-6:30 p.m. New Board Presentation,
Open Forum, and GPS Tracking Presentation: 6:30-7:30 p.m.

[important]Your Barristers Board, Scott Talkov, President Brian Pedigo, Vice-President Arlene Cordoba, Treasurer Amanda Schnieder, Secretary Sophia Choi, Member-at-Large The Barristers welcome Petra Fuhriman, owner of GPS Monitoring Solutions, a cutting edge firm specializing in the most up-to-date GPS monitoring used in criminal and civil law. While GPS technology is quickly becoming commonplace in criminal law, Ms. Fuhriman will discuss the ever-increasing use of GPS tracking in civil law, including both voluntary and court-imposed GPS tracking in divorce and restraining orders. Learn more at[/important]

Feedback And Ideas Welcome!

An open forum will be held to give you a chance to meet your new Barristers Board. Your outgoing Barristers President Jean Serrano and incoming President Scott Talkov will introduce the new 2011-2012 Board and will open the floor for any suggestions or ideas that you may have for the upcoming year.

[notice]Don’t Forget to Vote… VMichael Scafiddi picoting for the State Bar Board of Governors closes June 30, 2011. If you haven’t cast your ballot yet, please vote before June 30th to ensure an Inland Empire attorney represents District 9! The RCBA endorses Mike Scafiddi for Board of Governors District 9. Please visit or Mike Scafiddi’s Facebook page “Law Offices of Michael A. Scafiddi” for more information. Mexicali Bar & Grill 1690 Spruce St. (@ Chicago) Riverside, CA Mexicali is known for their wide variety of Mexican food and happy hour specials. Find the Barristers on Facebook! Confirm that you like this. Click the “Like” button.[/notice]

How Fleet Tracking Works

How Fleet Tracking  Systems Work

GPS fleet tracking works off all the same basic principles that have been discussed all across the this blog.  It all begins with some satellites that are currently orbiting the earth broadcasting this signal that can be picked up by specialized receivers.  These receivers than give that information to a small computer which does some math called trilateration that calculates the exact position of the receiver when it received the signals.  This information is then sent to another part of a GPS tracking device where it is then transmitted wirelessly across the great expanses of space and time until it appears on a server somewhere.

On this server somewhere the position information is then ran through some fleet tracking software which makes the information palatable to a business owner or dispatch operator.  This individual then uses this information to better run the business, route drivers effectively, monitor worker activity, or schedule necessary maintenance on vehicles.  It is all rather simply yet amazingly complex.  The process is simple and clearly defined, and yet the theory and technology behind the process is shrouded in mystery and even has the allure of a magic-like quality to it.  For many people, GPS tracking just is and there is no need to explain it.

Fleet Tracking Software

But this is a good tie into talking a little bit about the nerve center of any good flee tracking system – the software package.  Most GPS tracking devices are going to do a great job of calculating their position information and then sending it to a server somewhere for it to be processed.  If you think about this information, which is usually just simple information like position coordinates, speed, and direction, it is not going to be very useful to a business person trying to make real time decisions that will benefit their company right now.

Sure, it would be good to know that your truck has just made a delivery to coordinates 30.299691,-97.951401 and that they are now heading south by southwest at 25 mph – but how is that going to help anyone get this truck to its next stop?  It isn’t.  A dispatcher would have to go to a mapping software like GoogleMaps and enter the information gather by the fleet GPS tracking device manually to find that they are on Hacienda Ridge in Austin, Texas.  This is doable, but it will take a lot of time to find the closet truck to a new service call if you have a fleet of 3 or more vehicle.

This is where fleet tracking software comes in.  All the things that you might want to do by hand with all the information you gather from your real time tracking device can be done automatically and displayed to you on the fly when using fleet tracking software.  Want to get a birds eye view of all the vehicles in your fleet at any point in time?  Want to know if any of your drivers have left their area of operation for any reason?  Want to see if one of your vehicles has been idling for more than 30 seconds?   This is the type of information that commercial grade GPS fleet tracking devices and fleet tracking software can provide you.

There is even a very decent free fleet tracking software package called OpenGTS.  It is featured on our list of free GPS tracking software suites.  It is open source and complete free to use.  You do have to jump over some technical hurdles if you are not already familiar with setting this type of thing up, but for some companies this can be well worth the extra effort.

Using a GPS Fleet Tracking System Effectively

Now that we all know the low down on how fleet tracking works from a technical standpoint we should probably try and figure out how we can leverage this technology to make businesses better.  If you are a business owner you are already having ideas pop into your head about how  GPS fleet tracking systems can make your business more efficient, make more service calls, and end up making you a lot more money.  And this is exactly the outcome that many small business owners experience when they install fleet tracking systems in your fleet.  According to an Aberdeen group study, small fleets (1-10 vehicles) saw an completed work orders increase by 25% after two years of using a tracking system.

Here are a few things that a business owner can do to make the most out of their tracking devices:

  • Use it to identify wasteful employees – cutting off the fat from your operation or turning the fat into lean muscles through some disciplinary action will help you get more bang for your salary buck
  • Use it to more efficiently route drivers to new service calls – getting the closest driver to the service call will save the company two invaluable assets: time and fuel.
  • Use it to incentivize performance – getting workers to work harder by rewarding hard work is a great way to increase the overall effectiveness of an operation

And those are just a few of the ways that a fleet vehicle tracking system could be used to benefit a business.  There are more too.

SecureCuff – specifically made for highrisk offenders

[notice]SecureAlert’s patent pending SecureCuff™ is the only security cuff in the industry specifically made for highrisk offenders.[/notice]

It has encased, hardened steel bands designed to be highly cut resistant and provide officers an additional 10-15 minutes to be on-site before an offender can abscond. The SecureCuff™ includes a fiber-optic technology strap for tampering notification and specialized security screws to secure the strap to the device.

The SecureCuff™ solution helps address the critical “strap cut” issue so prevalent in juveniles and high-risk adult offenders. It serves to significantly reduce the number of officer response hours attempting to locate offenders who have absconded and is not offered by any other offender monitoring company.

Molestation suspect shoots victim, mother, self

Crescent City, Del Norte County

A Los Gatos man shot and gravely wounded a 14-year-old girl he is accused of  molesting over a four-year period after apparently tracking the girl and her  mother from Santa Clara County to Crescent City, police said. Read more:

The list of women as Sitting Ducks  continues to grow!

When will legislators use effective GPS devices to stop men like Jerry Wayne Steele?

Too may women and their children are killed every day. Jerry Wayne Steele is another example of a restraining order gone bad.

Isn’t it time for judges to order GPS monitoring with restraining orders, where there has been violence in past?

Please, somebody hear us….. it’s time to save some lives.

If there is evidence of previous violence, judges must order a gps device for the restrained person to wear. We have to offer the victim a tool that provides a safety net. Without it, victims will continue to be sitting ducks.

In this case, had the court ordered a gps device with the restraining order, the mother would have been alerted by the monitoring center that he was closing in.
Mother and child could be OK today! We need this alert system implemented immediately to avoid today’s sitting duck syndrome. Without the use of technology, victims sit and wait for the next attack….no warning, no chance for safety.

Learn how a victim notification solution can help save lives.

Judges can end relationship murders.

The materials on this site demonstrate the  perfect failure of individuals, media, government, and non-profits claiming their goal is to end “domestic violence.”   Meanwhile the murder rate continues to climb although the solution, GPS with Victim Notification is available.

Cost-effective while empowering victims to save their own lives, the lack of wide-spread use of GPS with Victim Notification instead demonstrates government’s lack of regard for individuals and the family.

However, one must always be hopeful the solution will be embraced soon so lives will not continue to be needlessly be lost.