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Restraining Order Solution – Client Testimonial

I would definitely call Petra, at GPS Monitoring Solutions, if I were to require the use of a GPS tracking system again in the future. I will absolutely recommend this company and its products to others who have similar needs. Though I’m a small client on her books, Petra made me feel like I was her first priority. A product is only as good as the company standing behind it and GPS Monitoring Solutions is truly an example of quality customer service.


Out of State Monitoring – Client Testimonial

Dear Petra,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the role you and your company played in helping to make it possible for me to attend my son’s wedding in Los Angeles this past weekend.

Your active and professional approach to my situation enabled me to resurrect what would have been a lost cause; residing in Florida on a GPS system and not being able to leave that state while wearing their equipment.

As it turned out, when we found your company on the internet, it was a God sent!

Your website along with your brochure started the wheels of justice to turn in my favor, but the capper was when the judge called you from the bench during the hearing. You were able to satisfy all of his concerns about the capabilities of your company and your equipment. In fact, I believe the judge was convinced your company exceeded the monitoring capabilities of ProTech. Having been on their GPS for four years, I know first hand that it does!

As a side note, if there was a way for me to continue using your system, I would much prefer it for the simple reason that GPS Monitoring Solutions utilizes an all-in-one system. As you know, in Florida, the DOC uses a two piece system. The fear and repercussions of forgetting one’s monitor adds another level of unnecessary anxiety to our every day living. Furthermore, with their system, one has to constantly “go outside” every time their monitor loses GPS signal. ProTech’s system is absolutely archaic and irrelevant equipment.

Petra, I can’t thank you enough for all that you did to ensure a successful transition from ProTech to GPS Monitoring Solutions and then back ProTech.

That my son was able to have both his parents escort him down the aisle on his wedding day is a gift that would not have happened were it not for you. To say, “Thank you” just doesn’t seem enough…..

Mister M., Florida
October 2010

Alcohol Monitoring – Client Testimonial

“Drinking was the source of my happiness, so I thought. While I was busy being ‘happy’, my husband left me and my children hated me. My family didn’t want anything to do with me, so what did I do? I got even happier by taking that next drink. The bottle and I became best of friends.

Before I knew it, I was arrested, not once, but three times.

How did I get here? Only the bottle knew. My PO was great in believing that I can in fact stay sober. My PO referred me to GPS Monitoring Solutions for a tool that may help me stay sober.

As soon as I called them, I knew I made the right decision in listening to my PO. They were so understanding and seemed to be on “MY” side. Believe it or not, they came to my house the same day and fitted me with their alcohol monitoring device. I was apprehensive about wearing that thing on my ankle, but I figured I needed to give it a try. Now, 6 weeks later, my husband moved back in and my children are happy to have their mom back in their lives.

My family is coming over again, happy to see ‘ME’, not the person who couldn’t’t hold a conversation unless it was with a bottle.

GPS Monitoring Solutions came to my rescue. They gave me the constant reminder about staying sober in the form of an ankle bracelet.
Thank you for giving me my life back!”

D.C., Orange County

How GPS Monitoring may assist in your defense

Keep your client out of jail with use of a gps or alcohol monitoring device.
We have your solution by combining Advanced Tracking Technologies and
Crime Analysis Tools to keep track of your clients.



Key Benefits of monitoring for Pre-Trial Release and/or alcohol monitoring:

  • Active participation in defense
  • Possible Bail Reduction
  • Compliance with court orders
  • Client may return to work
  • Maintain their Sobriety
  • Rebuild trust with family
  • Attend court ordered classes
  • May prevent more violations

Your client may better participate in their defense strategy by attending counseling, alcohol/drug meetings, pro-active offense-specific programs & demonstrate to the court that they are not threats to community safety but productive citizens.

GPS Monitoring – How it works

Offender monitoringDepending on the seriousness of the allegations and your clients strong ties to his community, your client may be eligible for our program. Taking advantage of Pre-Trial Release with monitoring, your clients are able to work, better able to afford the cost of a vigorous defense, spend time with their family, etc.

In addition to Pre-Trial release, we also provide gps monitoring in Restraining Order matters. Your client may have been ordered to be placed on gps monitoring with a stay-away order, or your client may want to protect him/herself from false accusations. Read more

Alcohol Monitoring – How it works

Active lacohol MonitoringFollowing a DUI, attorneys are utilizing our active alcohol monitoring device
as a tool in their defense to prove sobriety of their clients since the violation.
Utilizing this technology with near real time reporting (every 7 minutes) affords
empirical evidence of your client’s compliance.
GPS Monitoring Solutions prepared court reports on your behalf at no additional cost to you or your client.

Read testimonials from clients who have utilized our monitoring services during Pre-Trial and/or sentencing.

Restraining Order Solution for the Victim

Restraining Order Solution for the VictimGPS Monitoring is the self-help solution to those in need of protection. While the person restrained is outfitted (tethered) with a monitoring device, the party requesting protection can likewise be equipped with a receiver.  In the event the restrained person violates the court-ordered distance, the protected person is immediately notified of the violation or eminent by a phone call. In essence, this unique system provides a “virtual Safety Zone”. Sometimes all that’s needed is a head start. Better for law enforcement to write a report for a restraining order violation, than a lengthy investigation after (an unimaginable and potentially avoidable event) deadly crime.
The following endorsement was sent to Bonnie Russell, founder of, who works tirelessly to end relationship murders.

“Dear Bonnie,
I want to thank you for the extraordinary efforts you have been making  with your GPS system and extend my strongest support to you and Petra  on your demonstration to Judge Lorna Alksne, Supervising Judge of San  Diego’s Family Court, on March 30th.  Hopefully other judges will  attend the demonstration as well. As  you know, my sister Dominique Dunne, was a victim of domestic violence and the protection of future victims has been a passionate  cause of mine as well as my late parents, Dominick Dunne and Ellen  Griffin Dunne, who founded California Center for Victims of Homicide.
I really believe, and know my parents would have agreed, that the GPS System will not only save lives, but provide crucial proof when restraining orders have been violated.
Please feel free to forward my plea for the implementation of the GPS System to Judge Alksne and anyone else with influence that you might find helpful for the cause. I also would like to offer my services to appear in PSA’s if you think that might help get the message out for this life saving innovation.”

Warmest wishes,
Griffin Dunne

Restraining Order Solution for the Accused

On occasion, an estranged, spouse or partner will ask for and receive a restraining order from the Court.  The order may include a GPS device.  However, when wrongly accused, the restrained person can opt to equip themselves with a GPS tracking device which factors the accuser’s home and employment stay-away zones. 

During a hearing for contempt, or; to make the order permanent, GPS data provides the Court accurate information to assist in determining an impartial decision. If you are being monitored with one of our devices, we can prepare a report for the court and your attorney with complete location details.
When you appear in court, be ready in case of false allegations about violating your restraining order. If you are being monitored with one of our devices, we can prepare a report for the court and your attorney with complete location details. Why be at the mercy of the court, fighting false allegations without proof?

Case history

Client A was issued a Temporary Restraining Order upon testimony provided to the court by his former wife who accused him of stalking her and other family members. She provided the specific times and dates.

Understanding the ways and nature of his former wife, client chose to equip himself with a GPS Monitoring device on the day he was served with the temporary order. He did not mention this to anyone.

On the day of the court hearing our client provided rebuttal information from GPS Monitoring Solutions, which clearly showed he was not near his former wife or her family members. This served to impeach his accusers before the court.

The court dismissed all charges. Our client was delighted he’d utilized our low-cost, effective method to counter the charges made by his former wife.


“I’m very much pleased with the service provided to me by GPS Monitoring Solutions.  This is one of the kind gps tracking device and company that is very hard to find.  I’m so glad that we found this device and company.  Having an ankle bracelet made my daily life easier since the judge ordered a restraining order against my wife.  She brought false charge against me several times.�
Because of this device I was able to lead my regular life without being afraid of more false allegations without having proof that she was lying.  I appreciate the weekly reports GPS Monitoring Solutions send us, which I always keep handy in any case my ex brings false charge against me.

Thank you for your help! You gave me a piece of my dignity back and I am truly grateful.”        Gurmej Singh, VA



“This technology can and will save lives, and I want to do everything I can to bring it to the family court system in San Bernardino County. I look forward to using another tool on the bench to protect the children of our community.”   �
Ed Montgomery

Active Alcohol monitoring after DUI

Active Alcohol monitoring after DUI, for pre-trial monitoring, formal drug court probation,
Family Court, Sober Living Facilities, and more.

Unlike other devices, our devices read alcohol levels every 7 minutes & upload reports
every 7 minutes, around the clock, thus offering near real-time information regarding
sobriety or violation.

udges can impose Active Alcohol Monitoring as a condition of bailActive Alcohol Monitoring – Judges can impose Active Alcohol Monitoring
as a condition of bail or probation, which increases the likelihood that the
offender will appear in court for trial and protects the public from another
person driving under the influence of alcohol.

    Alcohol monitoring for DUI clientsDUI – The use of state-of-the-art technology
    in defense strategies in DUI cases raises the bar higher in many cases.
    GPS Monitoring Solutions  will provide the empirical proof/data to
    irrefutably demonstrate their client’s sobriety. This data is uploaded
    every seven minutes/twenty-four hours per day and is readily available to counsels.

    Alcohol Monitoring for custody cases.Alcohol Monitoring for Family Court
    The use of state-of-the-art technology in custody cases raises the bar higher.
    GPS Monitoring Solutions will provide the empirical proof/data to irrefutably
    demonstrate the parent’s sobriety during child visitation.

    Re: GPS Monitoring Solutions- Actsoft Alcohol/GPS Monitoring Device

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have been using the Actsoft Bracelet and GPS Monitoring Solutions for about four years now in my practice.
    This device is very accurate and reliable in showing alcohol consumption. I use the device, both in it=s GPS function and alcohol detection, but more in the area of alcohol consumption detection.
    It has become an integral part of my pre-sentencing showing of sobriety compliance by my more serious clients. It=s accuracy and real time feedback are vital in presenting my clients commitment to sobriety.
    I highly recommend the use of this device over SCRAM and other devices currently on the market. I also highly recommend GPS Monitoring Solutions. Their commitment to providing quality products and service is unsurpassed.
    Please feel free to contact me directly at the phone numbers listed on the letterhead of this correspondence if I may be of further assistance.

    Daryl Thompson

    Attorney Testimonial

    “GPS Monitoring Solutions completely saved two of my client’s lives.  One client had a criminal case, where the Judge allowed Electronic Monitoring instead of going to prison.  Larry Wong, the director of the program, came to court with me and really showed the Judge how his program was the answer.  We will forever be in his debt.  

    The other case was a family law case where a 20 year marriage was on the rocks due to alcoholism.  GPS Monitoriing Solutions was able to help my client get off the alcohol and prove it to his spouse, thus saving his marriage and his children from heartache.  I am a firm believer in the program and how GPS Monitoring Solutions can help settle a case very easily”. 

    Jeffrey Stivers