Introducing SoberLink

The first pocket size handheld photo digital breathalyzer to securely monitor breath alcohol. The device takes a picture of the user during the breath test to positively verify identity. The result, real-time photo, and GPS location are instantly transmitted from the device to a secure web portal. If the result shows alcohol present the website can be […]

Parole alerts drop as Calif. refines GPS tracking A flood of electronic alerts that was inundating California parole agents has dropped by half since The Associated Press first reported the problem two years ago. The alerts are generated by satellite-linked ankle bracelets strapped to paroled sex offenders. They send alarms when offenders tamper with the devices, stray into areas where they’re not […]

GPS tracking leads to arrest in Jefferson Parish smartphone robbery

GPS tracking led authorities to a suspect in the armed robbery of a Jefferson Parish-issued smartphone, and some low-tech detective work sealed the arrest. A Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office detective who tracked the phone to a Terrytown business located one suspect by the dialing up the stolen phone in his pants pocket, arrest reports said. The […]

O.C. terminates GPS firm for failing to track probationers

O.C. terminates GPS firm for failing to track probationers August 02, 2013|By Anh Do   Probationers and defendants are often forced to wear electronic ankle… (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated…) After an internal audit revealed negligence, officials at the Orange County Probation Department have terminated a contract with a GPS monitoring service. The audit showed that […]

Thank you Doug

“Dear Doug, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I couldn’t be more thankful. You will never know how much you truly changed my lifestyle, for this I am so grateful. I went from being someone I didn’t recognize to being myself again. I now work out every day, and I […]

As seen on In Plain Sight

The Medal of Mary (#5_506) EPISODE PREMIERE: April 20, 2012 SYNOPSIS:             Mary — who just arrested her father and delivered him to the FBI — must toughen up when she learns that her father is willing to provide the FBI with valuable information about his former partner, Cormac “Sully” Sullivan. He is only willing […]


Dear Petra, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: [important] “Petra is simply amazing at what she does. She has helped countless clients of mine prove they are not drinking alcohol and made the ultimate difference in the case. She helped one of my client’s […]