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Active GPS Monitoring & reporting

We offer the best technology in Active
GPS monitoring

Alcohol Monitoring & reporting

We offer the newest technology in Remote Alcohol Monitoring

Secure yourBonds & ReduceLiability

Affording you extra security in writing bonds, to reduce liability

24/7/365 Installation services

Making the installation process easy for our clients. We come to you!

Alternative Sentencing

Often times attorneys and their clients
look for alternative sentencing options.



In California, alternative sentencing options with a private company such as ours must be court approved.

You may contact us for options and how you may get your client court approved for private electronic monitoring / home detention.

We offer an acceptance letter and court order form to assist.

More times than not, it is easier to get approval for out of county residents,
however, many attorneys we work with have been able to receive consent from the procecutor and the court for their clients to serve their time with us in lieu of probation or sheriff departments.


Testimonials by Attorneys


Please let your clients know that as a result of my client enrolling in and participating in your monitoring program, Judge Mahler in the North Orange County Justice Center, took your information into consideration and reduced my client's sentence from 180 days to 45 days to be served on electronic monitoring. I don't think that result would have been possible had it not been for your program first.

Warmest Regards,

Timothy R. Casey


"It has become an integral part of my pre-sentencing showing of sobriety compliance by my more serious clients. It's accuracy and real time feedback are vital in presenting my clients commitment to sobriety.

Daryl Thompson

"GPS Monitoring Solutions is a terrific company, run by an excellent person who has a tremendously efficient staff. I cannot say enough great things about them. They are fantastic. Everyone of my clients who have used them for home confinement say they are the best company they have been involved with."

Adam Stull


GPS Monitoring Solutions completely saved two of my client’s lives.  One client had a criminal case, where the Judge allowed Electronic Monitoring instead of going to prison.  Larry Wong, the director of the program, came to court with me and really showed the Judge how his program was the answer.  We will forever be in his debt.  

The other case was a family law case where a 20 year marriage was on the rocks due to alcoholism.  GPS Monitoriing Solutions was able to help my client get off the alcohol and prove it to his spouse, thus saving his marriage and his children from heartache.  I am a firm believer in the program and how GPS Monitoring Solutions can help settle a case very easily”. 

Jeffrey Stivers