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Active GPS Monitoring & reporting

We offer the best technology in Active
GPS monitoring

Alcohol Monitoring & reporting

We offer the newest technology in Remote Alcohol Monitoring

Secure yourBonds & ReduceLiability

Affording you extra security in writing bonds, to reduce liability

24/7/365 Installation services

Making the installation process easy for our clients. We come to you!


Alcohol Monitoring Solutions

GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. only carries breathalyzers to ensure tru BAC reading can be provided with each breath test.
All devices are cellular and do not require a landline.


The first pocket size handheld photo digital breathalyzer to securely monitor breath alcohol. The device takes a picture of the user during the breath test to positively verify identity.

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GPS Monitoring Products -

As device functionality and capability are paramount, we tested every device in the industry.

The best devices coupled with best customer service ensures you get the best of both worlds.

We work hard to ensure your needs are met.