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Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol Consumption

When someone uses alcohol monitorign devices, can they use the following?

  • Mouthwash- NO
  • Hair Spray - YES
  • Cologne - YES
  • Perfume - YES
  • Cough Syrup - NO
  • Cold Medicine - NO

Can a person wearing the device have just one small alcoholic drink?

NO! Alcohol can NOT be consumed at any time in any form.

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General Questions About Remote Alcohol Monitoring

MEMS 3000



Click here for user instructions

The MEMS 3000 is a remote alcohol monitoring device.

For alcohol monitoring, the MEMS 3000 does not require you to wear an ankle bracelet!

How does it work -

The MEMS 3000 VB is a single unit that simply plugs into any power outlet. It is available in landline and cellular.

Upon enrollment, MEMS 3000 VB will call you directly from the machine for the enrollment process.
1. You are instructed to blow into the straw to take a breathalizer test.
During this test, while blowing into the straw, the MEMS 3000 VB will also take your photo while taking the test.

2. MEMS 3000 VB is preconfigured by us to test you several times per day for alcohol, at which time the device again calls you and instructs you to blow into the straw.

Every time you perform a breathalizer test, your picture is taken to comp[are wit to the original during enrollment to ensure you are in fact the person performing the test.

Failed tests - if you fail your breathalizer test due to having used Listerine etc. the device will call for a retest withoin 15 minutes after which time the alcohol from the Listerine will have diminished.



The SoberLink SL2 is a handheld remote alcohol monitoring device.

For alcohol monitoring, the SoberLink does not require you to wear an ankle bracelet!

How does it work - The monitoring center can be configured to send reminder text message to participants about their next breath test.

During the breath test, the SL2 takes a picture of the user to confirm their identity. The real-time photo and breath alcohol results are wirelessly transmitted on Verizon’s Private Network to SOBERLINK’s monitoring website. Real-time alerts can be set up for contacts to be notified when signs of a relapse occur, such as a missed or positive test.


The RADAR is a handheld remote alcohol monitoring device.
During enrolment, RADAR takes a breath signature of the participant for verification of idendity.

Enrollment Process for RADAR:

The client hits the TEST button, waits for the pulsing vibration and green lights then places their lips on the sensors not blowing… after 30 seconds or so the device will them go to a solid vibration, when that happens the client breaths in threw the nose and blows for the 3 second count.  After repeating that 7 times the light with go blue and go through the steps to communicate.


RADAR takes a breath signature of each participant to verify each following test is from the same person.

Click here for user instructions

Intoxalock - Ignition Interlock


The Intoxalock is a ignition onterlock device.

How soon can I have my interlock installed?
In most cases we can install the Intoxalock in your vehicle within 48 hours.
Same day service is often available.

Will the interlock turn my car off while I'm driving?
No, with the Intoxalock brand device it is impossible for the interlock to turn
off your vehicle. If you do turn your car off or if your car stalls you have
3-minutes to restart your car.

Will my interlock be installed quickly and what about the care of my vehicle?
Installation on most vehicles takes about an hour. The installation is done by
trained professionals and without any damage or permanent alterations to you
vehicle. We do not drill holes in your dash, or mount the interlock near the
steering wheel.

Where are you located?
We have numerous installation centers throughout the state as well as a mobile
service in many areas. We can come to your home or work. Call us for the
location closest to you.

Will you notify the Department of Motor Vehicles?
All reporting to the MVD is done securely through an electronic system.

How often do I have to calibrate my Intoxalock?
Calibrations are required by Arizona MVD once a month for the first three
months, and then at least every two months after that. Calibrations typically
take less than 10 minutes, no appointment is necessary.

Does the vehicle have to be in my name?
The interlock can be installed in any vehicle as long as we have the consent of
the owner.

Can other people still drive my car?
Yes, other people can drive your car, though the Intoxalock will still need to
be blown into in order for the vehicle to operate.