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Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol Consumption

When someone uses alcohol monitorign devices, can they use the following?

  • Mouthwash- NO
  • Hair Spray - YES
  • Cologne - YES
  • Perfume - YES
  • Cough Syrup - NO
  • Cold Medicine - NO

Can a person wearing the device have just one small alcoholic drink?

NO! Alcohol can NOT be consumed at any time in any form.

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General Questions About Remote Alcohol Monitoring



The SL2 is a handheld remote alcohol monitoring device.

For alcohol monitoring, the Sl2 does not require you to wear an ankle bracelet!

How does it work - The monitoring center can be configured to send reminder text message to participants about their next breath test.

During the breath test, the SL2 takes a picture of the user to confirm their identity. The real-time photo and breath alcohol results are wirelessly transmitted on Verizon’s Private Network to SL2's monitoring website. Real-time alerts can be set up for contacts to be notified when signs of a relapse occur, such as a missed or positive test.