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Restraining Order Solutions

GPS Monitoring Solutions provides services to both the accuser and the accused.

The chilling reality is a restraining order is nothing more than court mandate on a piece of paper providing the victim little real time protection.  However, a gps enabled restraining order provides that added level of security and peace of mind from a potential threat from the restrained party.

GPS Monitoring Solutions adds exclusion zones for the accused, such as the victims home, place of employment, children's schools, homes of relatives. The accused will have to stay way a certain distance as ordered by the court from the victims exclusion zones. We can customize as many as 350 exclusion zones with our state-of-the-art devices. We like to call them "Safety Zones".

Restraining Order Solution for the Victim Restraining Order Solution for the Victim

GPS Monitoring is the self-help solution to those in need of protection. While the person restrained is outfitted (tethered) with a monitoring device. In the event the restrained person violates the court-ordered distance, the protected person is immediately notified of the violation or eminent by a phone call. In essence, this unique system provides a "virtual Safety Zone". Sometimes all that’s needed is a head start. Better for law enforcement to write a report for a restraining order violation, than a lengthy investigation after (an unimaginable and potentially avoidable event) deadly crime.

  • Restraining Order Solution for the Accused

    On occasion, an estranged, spouse or partner will ask for and receive a restraining order from the Court.  The order may include a GPS device.  However, when wrongly accused, the restrained person can opt to equip themselves with a GPS tracking device which factors the accuser’s home and employment stay-away zones. 

  • During a hearing for contempt, or; to make the order permanent, GPS data provides the Court accurate information to assist in determining an impartial decision. If you are being monitored with one of our devices, we can prepare a report for the court and your attorney with complete location details.

    When you appear in court, be ready in case of false allegations about violating your restraining order. If you are being monitored with one of our devices, we can prepare a report for the court and your attorney with complete location details. Why be at the mercy of the court, fighting false allegations without proof?

Case history

Client A was issued a Temporary Restraining Order upon testimony provided to the court by his former wife who accused him of stalking her and other family members. She provided the specific times and dates.

Understanding the ways and nature of his former wife, client chose to equip himself with a GPS Monitoring device on the day he was served with the temporary order. He did not mention this to anyone.

On the day of the court hearing our client provided rebuttal information from GPS Monitoring Solutions, which clearly showed he was not near his former wife or her family members. This served to impeach his accusers before the court.

The court dismissed all charges. Our client was delighted he'd utilized our low-cost, effective method to counter the charges made by his former wife.

"I'm very much pleased with the service provided to me by GPS Monitoring Solutions.  This is one of the kind device and company that is very hard to find.  I'm so glad that we found this device and company.  Having an ankle bracelet made my daily life easier since the judge ordered a restraining order against my wife.  She brought false charge against me several times. 
Because of this device I was able to lead my regular life without being afraid of more false allegations without having proof that she was lying.  I appreciate the weekly reports GPS Monitoring Solutions send us, which I always keep handy in any case my ex brings false charge against me.
Thank you for your help! You gave me a piece of my dignity back and I am truly grateful."

Gurmej Singh, VA