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Participant Instructions for MEMS 3000 VB and/or VBR

Once the MEMS3000 device is installed and activated, you must complete a breath alcohol test with an officer present, so that an enrollment reference picture can be saved in the E3 Software. This picture is used by the monitoring center for identity verification for all future breath alcohol tests.

Taking the Breath Alcohol Test

Make sure your device is plugged in. Verify there are 2 green lights on the back of the device. 1st light indicated power, the 2nd light indicated cell communication. If there is only one light laminated, move your device to a different location, preferably near a window.
Make sure the device sits on a flat, solid surface.

  1. When your breath test is due, the device will emit and audio siren.
  2. Press Start.
  3. The device beeps and the Blow and Face the Mirror LEDs illuminate on the front panel.
  4. Blow into the breath alcohol test straw.
  5. During the test, the camera flash triggers and a picture is taken for video ID.
  6. The device beeps when the test is completed and the Test Completed LED illuminates on the front panel.

All Pictures should clearly display your face without obstruction. You should refrain from wearing appearance altering clothing while taking breath alcohol tests (e.g., sunglasses, hats).





You may not touch or obstruct view of the straw while the test is being administered.

If you are also wearing the ankle monitor displayed above for curfew, you do not have to charge this ankle monitor. It is 100% waterproof, so showering and bathing is acceptable. You will have to be in range of your base station within the allotted area given ad during the times of your curfew.

If you have to wear a gps device along with your breathalyzer, separate charging instructions will be provided to you.