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As seen on In Plain Sight

The Medal of Mary (#5_506)

EPISODE PREMIERE: April 20, 2012

Mary — who just arrested her father and delivered him to the FBI — must toughen up when she learns that her father is willing to provide the FBI with valuable information about his former partner, Cormac "Sully" Sullivan. He is only willing to provide the information, however, if three conditions are met: his sentence is reduced, he is put in a special WITSEC cell, and he gets to speak to Mary.

They decide to set up a meeting between Sully and James in order to get Sully, but before they do so, the WITSEC team must locate both of James' families since Sully knows where they are. Much to Mary's frustration, Jinx and Brandi can't be reached and Scott refuses WITSEC's help. Later, things take a turn for the worse when Sully doesn't show up for the meeting and instead finds Scott and shoots him. And a stunned James, who Mary just learned has cancer, is placed in an ambulance, but manages to escape it.

Meanwhile, Marshall's father, Seth, meets Abigail for the first time. And while Seth and Abigail seem to hit it off, he asks Marshall whether or not Marshall thinks Abigail is really the "one."

The Medal of Mary Device featured: ReliAlert by SecureAlert