Alcohol Monitoring

With facial recognition!

Alcohol monitoring with facial recognition
Facial Recognition

The first pocket size handheld photo digital breathalyzer to securely monitor breath alcohol. The device takes a picture of the user during the breath test to positively verify identity. Master photo is taken during enrollment.

Instant Breath Test Results
Instant Results

The real-time photo and breath alcohol results are wirelessly transmitted on Verizon’s Private Network to SL2’s monitoring website. Real-time alerts can be set up for contacts to be notified when signs of a relapse occur, such as a missed or positive test.

Breath Test Schedule
Alcohol Monitoring Schedule

The monitoring site allows for a unique testing schedule to be created for each client. The schedule needs to be entered and saved 30 minutes prior to the scheduled test time in order to be processed as a “Scheduled” test. A “Scheduled” test means that the monitoring site gives the client a 45-minute window in which to send their test, starting 15 minutes before the test time and ending 30 minutes after the test time.

Accurate results - Less false/Positive violation reporting... Discreet without an ankle monitor